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The Finalists

Smart Safety

Samson logic



Smart Concrete




Smart Planning




Smart Selling




Be part of the real estate business by solving some of its main challenges, set by several major players, in the first ever PROPCON hackathon in Israel!

A Booming


Property (real estate) tech and construction tech are fast growing fields, with new products and services created all the time, attracting customers and investors worldwide.

In 2019 investment in construction tech companies reached $18B, while prop tech investments grew to $4B.

In Israel, both fields are gaining momentum within the local startup ecosystem, with over 100 active companies, and a growing community of construction tech enthusiasts.

2020 is sure to be a year with even more growth, development and innovation.

This is your chance to:

  • Showcase your innovative ideas for solving pressing problems

  • Possibly get your solution picked up for further development

  • Take the industries into the digital age

  • Meet top industry players, Israeli and global

  • Win a prize

  • Enjoy cracking a challenge with the most creative minds in the business

Words from PROPCON 2020'S partners at the exposure night:


Exposure Night

Meet the participants and challenges



20 hours of building your solution or product with industry experts


Final Gala

Meet the finalists, find out who the hackathon winners are, and celebrate your innovation with global industry players



Smart Planning

Develop an algorithm that can help plan cities and neighborhoods better.

#city_planning #architecture #algorithm

Smart Concrete


Design the new generation of concrete sensors.

#sensors #materials #concrete



Develop new ways to save lives by preventing falling from height on construction sites.

#safety #construction #engineering 


Smart Selling

Develop a platform that would drive people to purchase real estate online.

#commerce #real_estate #online_purchase


Organize a team and develop a product from scratch.

Team members may include (but aren't limited to):

Tech people

electrical engineers, programmers, software engineers & developer

Construction and real estate people

construction engineers, civil engineers, material engineers, real estate sales experts, real estate apraisors, architects

Business people

entrepreneurs, online commerce experts, business analysts in relevant fields

Design people

especially  experts in UI/UX and human centered design



Startups and established companies in all stages with a relevant product or service are welcome to take part.

In PROPCON for startups you will meet experts from potential clients and investors, and get insights on your product, business plan and value offer.

In each challenge 3 teams or startups are selected to participate in the final gala. In this event the finalists get to discuss their offering in front of an audience of industry clients and investors.


will get an investment from the challenge owner, or a program to get them ready for investment.

See inside the challenge pages for more details.

 In addition, winners of all challenges are entitled to:

Virtual membership in WeWork Labs


Insider access (WeWork Labs content platform), Webinars, 2 in person events & 2 virtual workshops a month (pitch competitions, founder rountables)

Members portal:

access to our global network for global networking.

Business development:

- biz dev extension office hours - 30 min a month

- Access to over 600K WeWork members through the WeWork member app

- Over $300K worth of exclusive Labs perks and discounts

5 legal consulting hours by HFN High-Tech and Real Estate teams.
Specializing and advising to both early stage startups and mature technology companies in their ongoing corporate and commercial activities as well as venture capitals, and private equity funds on investment transactions and mergers and acquisitions.

5 hours per winning startup from Deloitte's range of services: audit, tax and more.
Furthermore, Deloitte’s Head of Strategic Storytelling will host the finalists for a tailored session detailing tactical methods  to deliver successful pitches.


Who can apply?

  • Individuals, entrepreneurs, teams, established companies, startups,
  • Seasoned professionals as well as students and self-tought experts
  • Tech people, construction and real estate people, designers and popel with a business background

For a broader list see above “Who can apply?”

What if I don't have a team?

  • Talk to colleagues and friends about this exciting opportunity
  • Find one in the Facebook group.
  • Come to the Exposure Event on January 2nd.
  • If you're having trouble finding a team, please apply alone and we'll try to help.​

What is the winner selection process?

Judging in the hackathon happens in two stages. On the hackathon’s second day, 24th of January, a panel of judges will pick 3 teams from each challenge to qualify for the finals. On February 5th in a grand finale event, judging panels will score the teams and a winner for each challenge will be determined.

Registration closes  9.1.20

BLEE Hackathons are Vegan Friendly

At least 25% of the food choice in PROPCON 2020 events is vegan.


Ofer Feldman


Canada Israel

Assaf Vardi

Managing Partner

Reality Investments Fund

Eyal Ben Reuven

Major-general (ret.) Head of Safety at the Construction  Development Foundation

Raul Strugo


Israel Builders Association

Asaf Touchmair

Founder & Chairman


Ohad Rozen

Managing Partner

Reality Investments Fund

Benjamin Singer

General Manager


Hezi Schwartzman

Head of IL-OSHA & chief labor inspector

Minestery of labor

Christophe Levy

Scientific Director at the LafargeHolcim Innovation Center


Dan Menachem

Partner, Business Development Manager

Reality Investments Fund

Adv. Batell Vallentine Blaish

Corporate Lawyer

Herzog Fox & Neeman Law Firm

Ofer Petersburg

Economic correspondent

Yedioth Aharonoth

Sandra Boivin

PhD Structures and Materials, Head R&D Department for Solutions & Products


Adv. Claude Assor

Partner, Project Planning & Development Manager

Reality Investments Fund

Noa Aharoni

Head of Construction Tech Sector

Israel Export Institute


Arnaud Delaplace

PhD Civil Engineering, project manager


Shlomi Shitrit

Real estate Appraiser

Reality Investments Fund

Ofir Charlap

Innovation & Experience Manager

Reality Investments Fund

Yehuda Granas

Innovation & Impact Department Manager

Reality Investments Fund

Peled Barkai

Managing Partner, Reality-Germany

Reality Investments Fund

Doron Abecassis

Senior Delivery Manager



Alon Lederman

High-Tech Partner

Herzog Fox & Neeman Law Firm

Hagit Naali Joseph

Director of strategic planning

Tel-Aviv Yafo municipality

Koby Suto

Co-founder & CTO


Eitan Burshtein

CEO & Founder

Target Audience

Moran Buganim

Director Israel Newtech & Ecosystems, Head of the Office Deputy Director General

Ministry of Economy and Industry

Hélène Lombois-Burger

Head of R&D project on Digital Design and Fabrication


Ido Roimi

Real estate appraiser

Reality Investments Fund

Adv. Tal Sheratzki-Jaffa

Strategy & Development Manager

Reality Investments Fund

Cpa. Edo Blecher

Head of Investor & Partner Relations

Reality Investments Fund

Oz Cvodi

Real Estate Appraiser

Reality Investments Fund

Zachi Flatto



Ziv Paz

COO and co - founder


Omer Perez

Project Manager


Yuval Bronstein

Former Chief Executive Officer

Azrieli Group

Aviv Carmel

Joint General Manager

SKYLINE Cranes & Technologies

Bruno Huet

Scientist by education and cement specialist


Arc. Adi Dvir


Reality Investments Fund

Adv. Michael Haim

Initiating & Managing Projects

Reality Investments Fund

Boaz Melnik

Financial Advisor

Reality Investments Fund

Adv. Leeor Teperovich

Real Estate & Innovation Strategist

Reality Investments Fund

Raphael Nejman


Terra Venture Partners

L. Arch Lotem Segal

Ecosystem Development Manager


Chen Shein

CPA, Senior Partner, Head of real estate

Ernst & Young

Nir Yanushevsky

V.P & Chairman of Contract Building Devision

Israel Builders Association

Mati Revivi

Senior Saftety Consultant

Israeli construction Assosiation

Shay Zfadia

Head of Professional Practice

Reality Investments Fund

Arc. Shai Rechter


Reality Investments Fund

Lior Fischer

Financial Manager

Reality Investments Fund

Tana Wahrhaft-Ashkenazi

Investor Relations

Reality Investments Fund

On Freund

Head of EMEA & Australia @ WeWork Labs a


Adv. Nuphar Gafni-Rubin

Corporate Lawyer

Herzog Fox & Neeman Law Firm

Naama Malis

Owner & CEO

Naama Malis Architecture & Urban Design Ltd.

Yaki Buaron

CPA , Partner real estate

Ernst & Young

Oleg Larushkin

Strategy consultant


Dr. Uri Gurevich

Head of the BIM Program Engineering & Construction Department

Israel's Ministry of Defense

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